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Full-service marketing

OK, OK, we know the name is misleading – but there’s a good reason behind it.
When we first got started back in 1989, we worked with video. We soon switched our focus to the healthcare industry and have grown with the tasks we’ve taken on...and the range of services we offer has grown along with us. Because we’re loyal to the bone – for proof, just look at our longstanding customer relationships – we kept the name, of course!

That’s enough of that...time for some facts:

We’re a full-service agency located in Bassum (near Bremen), Germany. We have more than 25 years of experience in both the German market and abroad, with a particular focus on the medical sector.

We’re very proud of the strong network that we’ve built up and developed over the years, all the way from the customers whose development and expansion we’ve been lucky enough to support from the very beginning to the key opinion leaders and prominent professional associations in the healthcare industry with whom we have loyal relationships. Trust is key – and to build it, we work in very close collaboration with our customers from day one, listening to them, immersing ourselves in their subject, and learning from them. This is the only way for us to deliver what our customers need: perfectly custom-tailored solutions!

Thanks to all of these qualities, we’re in a position to react effectively and proactively on the market and take advantage of synergies – and we’d love to do the same for you!